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Athens Insight City Guide

Athens Insight City Guide

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Format: Paperback (pp: 256+)

Publication date: 10 May 2007

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From the Acropolis to the city's outlying beaches and from the stylish museums of Kolonaki to the nightlife of Psyrri, this guide covers it all. Combining Insight's famous trademarks of insightful writing and striking photography this guide has a truly portable format and a strong emphasis on practical information. The places section contains a full rundown of all the attractions worth seeing and a travel tips section provides detailed information on everything from travel and hotels to shops and festivals. It also contains a free restaurant Map Guide which reviews over 60 of the city's best restaurants.

I would like to thank you very deeply for our vast collection of your books. We have several shelves of them and re-live our trips through them. I tell anyone who is travelling to get your Insight Guides. They are absolutely gorgeous, well-written, helpful and inspiring!" Customer review - Ms Sisk


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