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Dubai laminált térkép - Insight

Dubai laminált térkép - Insight

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2 750 Ft
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Dubai laminált térkép
Méretarány: 1 : 12 500
Méret: 68x44cm
Kiadó: Insight Maps
Szokásos szállítási idő: 20 nap
Product properties
This is an exciting, brand new title to the Insight Flexi Map range and the essential resource for your trip. Informative and easy to use; it contains digitally generated, detailed and clear cartography, with a comprehensive index. It also features up to 30 illustrated recommendations of the top sights that are cross-referenced to the map, to help you set your own priorities for the trip and plan your route accordingly. A fully laminated finish means it is waterproof, hard-wearing and durable, scribble friendly and tear resistant. It is also easy to fold, even in windy conditions, so it can go wherever you go!


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