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Andes, travel map - ITM

Andes, travel map - ITM

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Indexed, waterproof and tear-resistant overview map of the western side of South America, with street plans of central Bogota, Quito, Lima, La Paz, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

The map, an extract from the publisher’s map of the whole of South America, covers northern Venezuela, most of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, western Bolivia, Chile and virtually all of Argentina. Vivid altitude colouring shows the topography, with spot heights and names of main peaks.

The map shows the areas road and rail networks, also indicating local airports. Internal administrative boundaries shown with names of the provinces. Symbols highlight national parks and various places of interest, some with brief descriptions. Margin ticks give latitude at 2º intervals, with longitude at 3º and an extensive index of localities is also provided.

Large insets show street plans of central areas of Bogota, Quito, Lima, La Paz, Buenos Aires and Santiago, indicating places of interest, accommodation, etc.


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