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South Australia térkép - Explore Australia

South Australia térkép - Explore Australia

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One of the titles in a series of waterproof and tear-resistant state maps of Australia, with enlargements for popular areas and diagrams of main highways. Each title presents the whole of the state on one side, with its rail and road networks. Intermediate driving distances are given on most minor unsealed roads and vehicle tracks are also marked. National parks and other protected areas are highlighted, with the topography indicated by names of mountain ranges, spot heights for main peaks, rivers and lakes. Selected places of interest are marked. On the reverse each title has enlargements of popular areas, each highlighting tourist routes. Neither the main map nor the enlargements have any geographical coordinates, but all are indexed. Also included are street plans showing accommodation and places of interest, and diagrams of the highways connecting the region’s main cities.

In this title: enlargements cover the South-East and the Flinders Ranges. There are no street plans in this title. Diagrams show the Western/Dukes Highways between Adelaide and Melbourne, the Sturt/Hume Highways between Adelaide and Sydney, the Stuart Highway between Adelaide and Darwin, and the Eyre/Great Eastern Highways between Adelaide and Perth.


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