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Jammu & Kashmir tartomány térkép - Survey of Pakistan

Jammu & Kashmir tartomány térkép - Survey of Pakistan

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89 x 78 cm
Survey of Pakistan

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Topographic map of the Gilgit Agency and the whole of the Jammu and Kashmir, produced by the Pakistani national survey organization. No demarcation line is shown between the Indian and the Pakistani part of Jammu and Kashmir, and no border with China between, approximately, the peaks of Karakoram in the north and Kharps in the south.

The map has contours at 300 m intervals, with names of numerous peaks, additional spot heights, and names of mountain ranges. Road network distinguishes between metalled roads and unsurfaced tracks. Various facilities such as accommodation including campsites, post offices, police stations are indicated by letters next to the names of locations. The map has a latitude and longitude grid at intervals of 1º, plus margin ticks at 10'.


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