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Cyprus - Rough Guide

Cyprus - Rough Guide

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Cyprus - guidebook in English
6th edition (February 2009)
Written by Marc Dubin
528 pages, 36 maps
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The Rough Guide to Cyprus explores every corner of this Mediterranean paradise, from the fine, sandy beaches and wooded hillsides to the ancient churches and buzzing bars. The guide is fully up-dated taking in the island’s entry into the EU with new colour sections offering a guide to Cyprus’s hearty traditional cuisine and its rich artistic and religious architecture – breathtaking Ottoman mosques, Byzantine churches and gothic cathedrals. The full-colour introduction covers what not to miss and is illustrated with stunning photography showcasing Cyprus’s dramatic natural beauty.

There are dozens of reviews from the best restaurants, nightlife and hotels in Cyprus to the top shopping spots, entertainment and outdoor activities, as well as all the essential information you need for the trip of a lifetime. The Rough Guide to Cyprus is the essential guidebook to this divided island, covering both North and South with an insider’s eye.


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