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Travel with Babies and Young Children - Rough Guide

Travel with Babies and Young Children - Rough Guide

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Travel with Babies and Young Children - angol nyelvű könyv
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From pre-trip planning to pre-empting and dealing with challenges when away, The Rough Guide to Travel with Babies and Young Children is the ultimate comprehensive guide to hassle-free family travel. With the low-down on everything from planning your itinerary and accommodation to what to bring and how to pack it, the guide is packed with tips on painless travel by plane, car, bus or train, as well how to deal with delays, queues and travel sickness. Insiders’ tips from destinations all around the globe ensure you’ll know what to expect when you arrive. You’ll find thoroughly researched and accessible advice on coping with the challenges once you’re there, from eating out with toddlers to getting enough sleep. Ideal for busy parents, the guide comes complete with listings of resources, websites and further reading, plus handy checklists, first-hand stories and advice from travel industry experts and parents who’ve been there and done it.


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