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Arbon turistatérkép (T 217) - Landestopographie

Arbon turistatérkép (T 217) - Landestopographie

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Arbon turistatérkép
Méretarány: 1 : 50 000
Méret: 78 x 57 cm
Kiadó: Landestopographie
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Topographic survey of Switzerland at 1:50,000 in special hiking editions published in cooperation with the Swiss Hiking Federation (SAW/FSTP/FSS) and covering the whole country on 58 small format sheets (Nos. 213T - 469T), with special larger maps now published for some areas.
Cartography is the same as in the country's standard topographic survey. The maps are highly regarded for their superb use of graphic relief and hill shading, providing an almost 3-D picture of Switzerland's mountainous terrain. Contours are at 20m intervals. An overprint highlights routes maintained by the SHF, distinguishing between hiking routes, mountain routes requiring proper footwear, and alpine routes where equipment is needed. The maps also show roads with bus service and the positions of bus stops, as well as mountain huts and refuges.

Small format sheets:
- Map legend is in French/German/Italian and covers only the overprint.
- 1km grid for Swiss national grid coordinates (datum CH 1903 - Bessel) plus margin ticks showing latitude and longitude in steps of 5'.
- Area covered is 35 x 24 km / 21 x 15 miles approx.
- On the reverse is tourist information with, in more recent editions, recommended trails, explanations of waymarking, etc.
Text includes English.


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