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Day Drives from Cape Town térkép - Baardskeerder

Day Drives from Cape Town térkép - Baardskeerder

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An attractive and detailed road map of the region lying north and east of the Cape Peninsula, within 200km of Cape Town’s city centre. Coverage extends north to Shelley Point and St Helena Bay, north-east to the Koue Bokkveld Mountains, and east as far as Quoin Point on the Overberg coast.

Road information includes minor gravel roads, private roads indicating whether entry is allowed to visitors, intermediate driving distances on most roads, and locations of petrol stations. Routes which are particularly attractive - or conversely, worth avoiding - are indicated. Mountain passes are marked, and for selected locations the total distance and driving time from Cape Town is shown. Railways indicate local stations.

Relief is depicted by elevation tinting and spot heights for selected peaks. National parks and reserves are marked and symbols depict an enormous range of features, e.g. information centres, accommodation and camping sites, farm stalls, wine cellars, various outdoor recreation sites, landmarks, shipwrecks, nature reserves and wildlife and bird watching locations. An enlargement at 1:200,000 shows the Cape Peninsula.

On the reverse the index of locations is classified according to selected themes e.g. hiking, sports, food produce, wildlife viewing. Tourism offices are listed and small inset maps show the main through-roads of Worcester, Wellington, Malmesbury, and Stellenbosch. The map was researched and drawn by Peter Slingsby - renowned environmental educator and cartographer.


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