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Sri Lanka laminált térkép - Insight

Sri Lanka laminált térkép - Insight

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laminált térkép
1 : 650 000

Insight Maps
Szállítási határidő : 10 nap
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The main map at 1:650,000 shows the whole island. General relief is shown by hill-shading and the road network is clearly depicted, with intermediate driving distances on major roads. Province boundaries, national parks and reserves are marked. Symbols highlight diving, swimming and other recreational areas, museums, notable buildings and other sites of interest. Much of the text is very small and not easy to read.
On the reverse: street maps of Kandy and central Colombo. Detail on these includes notable buildings, hotels, places of worship, information centres, landmarks, museums, post offices, sites of interest.
All the maps are indexed for streets, towns and places of interest as appropriate for the scale, and throughout the coverage 18 major attractions are highlighted and provided with brief descriptions. Some general notes for tourists are also included ie. public transport matters, money, tourist information resources.


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