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Frosinone Province térkép (No72) - LAC

Frosinone Province térkép (No72) - LAC

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One of the titles in a series of small, handy road maps covering the administrative provinces and showing more minor roads than on the regional maps. Titles are gradually being replaced by new editions using digitally derived cartography, superceding the traditional style. All of the maps have hill shading to represent the general relief, with some spot heights for selected peaks, and show a few more local roads and rough tracks than the other road map series. Intermediate road distances are indicated. Regional, provincial and communal borders are marked, and railways, funiculars, airports, sea ferry links and campsites are shown. The legend is in Italian only.

The new, digitally produced editions are indexed and have improved, more finely drawn cartography: the hill-shading is less bold, motorway service areas are marked, natural parks are highlighted and an expanded range of symbols indicates various landmarks and sites, e.g. antiquities, churches, etc. Two styles of the new cartography are produced, differing only in the colour of the predominant background shading: grey or yellow/green. Some of the new editions include geographical coordinates for the map corners. Please see individual descriptions for information on which type of cartography is used in the map. Not all of the provinces of Italy are so far covered by this series.

This title is still produced in the traditional cartographic style.


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