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Delhi Street Atlas - Eicher Goodearth

Delhi Street Atlas - Eicher Goodearth

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Paperback, 17x28cm, 218-page street atlas of Delhi and the neighbouring Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad, covering in all 1134 km² at 1:12,500 with details including house numbers, plus an index listing 15,000 roads, colonies, important buildings, places of interest, etc. The atlas has very well designed, clear cartography, with colours indicating residential and industrial areas, slums (Jhuggi Jhompri Clusters), shopping streets and centres, parks and gardens, and wooded areas. Names of colonies and villages are shown with, where appropriate, designation of their zones and house numbers. Street information includes dual carriageways, flyovers and underpasses, one way streets, traffic lights and pedestrian subways. Railway and metro lines are shown with stations. A very vide range of symbols indicate various facilities and places of interest, including embassies, banks, taxi stands, fuel supplies, monuments and museums, restaurants and hotels, places of worship, police stations, post offices, electricity/water/sewer complaint offices, etc.

The central area around the Connaught Place is shown at 1:5,500, annotated with names of various facilities including shops, restaurants, banks, embassies, etc. The index lists 15,000 roads, colonies, important buildings, places of interest, etc. Also provided is a brief guide to the city and its history and a separate route planning map overprinted with a grid showing the numbering of the atlas pages.


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