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Belize, Guatemala & Southern Mexico - Footprint

Belize, Guatemala & Southern Mexico - Footprint

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Belize, Guatemala & Southern Mexico - guidebook in English
2nd edition (June 2008)
Written by Claire Boobbyer, Peter Hutchison & Caroline Lascom
384 pages
Publisher: Footprint
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Hit the trail and get the best bits from of Latin America! This new guide, in our new series of guides to established backpacker routes, takes on Southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Perfect for a late career break and for those looking to experience something out of the ordinary, the second Backpackers’ guide is chock-full of tips, advice and suggestions to get the most out of your trip. With extensive planning tools in the lengthy and readable ‘Essentials’ section, this guide will help you uncover the real essence of travelling! Loads of maps including a coloured atlas section with routes marked on it. No frills: we’ll just tell it as it is. Includes the best places to stay including backpackers’ hostels with the occasional place to pamper yourself. Suggestions on how to get the best from the region if time is short or money is tight. Where to have fun: cycling, horse riding, white river rafting, beaches, treks and a whole lot more.


Belize, Guatemala and Southern Mexico with a short section on Mexico City.


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