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Kerékpárral az Annapurna körül térkép (46a) - Himalayan Maphouse

Kerékpárral az Annapurna körül térkép (46a) - Himalayan Maphouse

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Annapurna - kerékpáros térkép
Méretarány: 1: 75 000 - 1: 227 000
Méret: 87 x 63 cm
Kiadó: Himalayan Maphouse
Szokásos szállítási idő: 2 hét
Product properties
A general map at 1:227,000 shows the area around Annapurna, highlighting the Eagle's Loop route which circumnavigates it. Around this map are 14 larger scale topographic maps at 1:75,000 showing successive sections of the route in greater detail for cyclists. The contour interval is 100m and various symbols and colour codes are used to indicate the severity or ease of the terrain and where it is necessary to carry your bike. Tables and graphs portray the altitude changes and biking time along the route. Also shown are settlements, places of interest and tourist facilities such as hotels, campsites, health posts, etc.

An index of localities also lists peaks and passes. Margin ticks around the general map show latitude and longitude in steps of 15'.


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