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Chobe térkép - Botswana Survey

Chobe térkép - Botswana Survey

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Clear map at showing the Chobe NP and some of the nearby nature reserves, including Nxai NP to the south and the reserves close to the Zimbabwe border in the east: Kasane Forest, Kazuma Forest and Sibuyu Forest. The cartography distinguishes swamps, seasonal wetlands and dry land. Rivers and lakes, seasonal rivers and pans are marked, and major sand ridges are shown but no relief contours are drawn. Altitudes are shown for some of the trig points marked. Roads, ferries and bridges are marked, and in some cases where major roads meet the map edge the next major town is stated in the margin. No indication of the road surface is given. International and local boundaries are marked, also reserve boundaries and livestock fences. Villages and localities are named, and symbols show airfields, park offices and campsites. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 15' intervals.


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