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Chulus térkép (53) - Himalayan Maphouse

Chulus térkép (53) - Himalayan Maphouse

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Chulus trekkingtérkép
Méretarány: 1: 50 000
Méret: 88 x 63 cm
Kiadó: Himalayan Maphouse
Szokásos szállítási idő: 2 hét
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Coverage extends from Jomosom and Kagbeni in the north west to the outskirts of Pisang in the south east. The main trekking route between these towns, via Manang and Muktinath, is highlighted, as are the climbing routes to the Chulu peaks, north of Manang. Contours at 40-metre intervals, hill shading and spot heights show the relief. The map shows settlements, roads, paths, passes, places of interest, landmarks, campsites, post offices, etc. An index of settlements also lists lakes, peaks and passes. Margin ticks in steps of 2' 30” indicate latitude and longitude.


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