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Mgoun Massif, Central High Atlas Mountains térkép - West Col

Mgoun Massif, Central High Atlas Mountains térkép - West Col

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82 x 59 cm
West Col Productions

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A map designed for the trekker showing the physical relief in a simple, uncluttered manner by depicting mountain ridges, peaks and valleys by lines drawn against a white background with no hill-shading or elaborate tinting - known as a ridge map. Spot and peak heights add a qualitative element and roads, tracks and paths are clearly shown, with many villages and hamlets also marked. Latitude and longitude margin ticks are drawn at 20’ intervals. The map is approximately centred on the Ighil Mgoun-Oumsoud peak and covers an area measuring approx 80km E-W and 50 km N-S. An inset in the bottom left corner extends the coverage north-eastwards to include the Jbel Aroudan peak.

On the reverse are diagrams of the Ighil Mgoun north face, and Aroudan-Aioui north face, and brief practical advice for trekkers and climbers on approach routes and tracks in the region, accommodation notes, a short glossary, a list of peak heights, and notes on sources of further information about the area.


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