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Ciprus - Globetrotter Travel Pack

Ciprus - Globetrotter Travel Pack

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Ciprus - angol nyelvű útikönyv térképmelléklettel
Írta: Paul Harcourt-Davies
128 oldalon, 90-100 színes képpel, 30 térképpel
Kiadó: New Holland Publishers
Szokásos szállítási idő: 3 hét
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This Globetrotter Travel Pack to Cyprus offers exceptional value for money by combining Guide and Map in a convenient and durable plastic wallet. Each pack comprises the relevant Travel Guide and a full-size Travel Map. The handy Travel Guides are crammed with useful information, travel tips and recommendations for the traveller. Favouring essential and practical travel data over extended essays, their clearly presented, easy-to-carry format is both attractive and practical.


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