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Elait Mountains Hiking & Touring Map térkép - Ha-Merkaz

Elait Mountains Hiking & Touring Map térkép - Ha-Merkaz

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Detailed topographic map of the southern part of the Negev Desert, highlighting trails and including information for hikers. Published in conjunction with SPNI (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel), the map extends from the southern tip of the country approx. 55km northwards to the village of Qetura. Contours are drawn at 20m intervals in the southern part of the map and at 10m above the 900 national grid line. Various types of terrain are indicated e.g. swamps, rocks, sand dunes, etc., as well as seasonal and permanent streams, springs and wells. Protected nature areas are highlighted. Symbols mark information centres, camp sites, water sources, historic sites, fuels supplies, viewpoints, etc. Restricted areas, e.g. military zones are also indicated. Various hiking and 4WD trails are clearly marked, including the Israel National Trail. The map shows the Israeli national grid at 1km intervals and margin ticks for UTM coordinates. Topographical information extends into Egypt but not Jordan. All the place names are in Roman alphabet only.

On the reverse there are notes on the recommended hiking trails, diagrams of various trails, drawings of particularly interesting areas and rock formations, fauna and flora, and fossils. Also included are a small plan of Eilat and an overview map of the whole of the Negev.


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