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Tianjin tartomány - Tianjin város térkép - Matu Publishing

Tianjin tartomány - Tianjin város térkép - Matu Publishing

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Matu Publishing
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Double-sided map, showing a street plan of Tianjin City on one side and a road map of its province on the reverse. The street plan of Tianjin City indicates sub-districts and area names, parks and trails going out of the city. A series of symbols marks all public and religious buildings (including hospitals, police stations and post offices), leisure and sport facilities (cinemas, swimming pools, etc.) and various accommodation. The road map of the province is at a scale of 1:2,500,000, and marks administrative boundaries, three kinds of roads and the various tracks, railways, ferry routes,airports, and an indication of population density. Peak altitudes, hot springs, lakes and rivers are also indicated. There is also bus and train information, and telephone numbers of various tourist boards, hotels and restaurants. Printed on paper as a single sheet, with a separate cover. Comes wrapped in plastic. Most of the text of the finer details on the map are in Chinese only, with only selected larger streets and features in English.


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