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Párizs térkép - Borch

Párizs térkép - Borch

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1:12,000 / 1:15,000

szállítási idő: 2 hét
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Laminated and waterproof tourist map for visitors to Paris, combining a plan of the city within the Boulevard Périphérique with an enlargement for the centre and a map of the environs showing connections to both international airports and Versailles. The main plan of the city at 1:15,000 is divided between the two sides of the map, with an inset extending it to La Défense. The plan indicates various places of interest, selected hotels, metro stations with line numbers, one way streets, etc. The central part, from the Invalides and Grand Palais to Notre Dame and the Pompidou Centre and from Gare St-Lazare to top end of the Luxemboug Gardens, is shown in greater detail at 1:12,000.

A road map of the city’s environs at 1:130,000 extends out to both Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports and o Versailles. Both plans and the map are indexed, with lists of streets/localities, parks, public buildings, places of interest, etc. Top 30 sights in the city and the region are prominently marked. Also included is a diagram of the metro/RER network, a small administrative map of France showing its regions and departments, plus information on the city’s climate.


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