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Misiones Province (No4.) térkép - Automóvil Club Argentino

Misiones Province (No4.) térkép - Automóvil Club Argentino

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One of the titles in a series of indexed provincial road maps with somewhat old-fashioned and cluttered cartography from the Automóvil Club Argentino. Road network indicates ACA’s services and petrol stations, as well as campsites approved by the Club. Symbols highlight places of interest, resorts, etc. Each title also includes street plans of main towns and enlargements of popular areas. The maps have no geographical coordinates. Map legend and all the text is in Spanish only.

In this title: an enlargement shows the Falls and describes the different sections. On the reverse there is an index of placenames, a diagram of road distances between the capital of the province, Posadas, and major cities and places of interest in Argentina, a street plan of central and outer Posadas and a description of atttractions around the province.


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