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Judea, Samaria & Gaza térkép - Carta

Judea, Samaria & Gaza térkép - Carta

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Detailed, indexed road maps of Samaria (i.e. the West Bank north of Jerusalem) at 1:136,000, Judea (West Bank south of Jerusalem) at 1:156,000, and the Gaza Strip at 1:196,000. Colours indicate Autonomous Areas A and B, i.e. full Palestinian or joint Israeli - Palestinian authority. Symbols mark Jewish settlements and civilian outposts. The maps, published in 2005, also show the course of the already erected and planned separation wall and positions of military road blocks. Road network indicates recommended routes for cars with Israeli registration plates, and shows locations of petrol stations. Symbols mark police stations, fire and rescue services, and army medical clinics. Emergency hotline numbers and details of radio reception frequencies are also provided.

All place names are in Roman alphabet only. The maps have no geographical coordinates. Map legend and notes for travelers in the area are in English only. As this title was published in 2005, information for the Gaza Strip shows the situation prior to the Israeli withdrawal from the settlements in that area.


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