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The Pacific Northwest's Best Trips - Lonely Planet

The Pacific Northwest's Best Trips - Lonely Planet

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Pacific Northwest - a road trip guide
2nd edition (February 2013)
Written by Mariella Krause, Celeste Brash and others
368 pages, 37 maps
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Discover the freedom of the open road with The Pacific Northwest’s Best Trips. We’ve selected 33 amazing road trips through the Pacific Northwest, from two-day escapes to week-long adventures, and packed them full of expert advice and inspirational suggestions. Whether you want to cruise along the coast, explore volcanic remnants or sample regional wines, we’ve got the trip for you.

Get inspired with highlights, expert recommendations and gorgeous images
Discover even more with detours, walking routes and ways to link your road trips
Get around easily with color maps, detailed directions and practical tips
PLUS planning advice to help you pick the right route

Coverage includes: Planning chapters, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Pacific Northwest Driving Guide


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