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Africa Road Atlas - Map Studio

Africa Road Atlas - Map Studio

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A4 format, paperback indexed atlas of the continent with a remarkable collection of over 60 street plans of capitals and major cities , and introductory sections on general geography and tourism. The road mapping is presented on 184 pages at two scales: southern and eastern Africa is at 1:1,500,000 and the rest - Saharan, western and central - at 1:3,000,000. Madagascar and neighbouring Indian Ocean islands are also included. Both levels of detail are represented in the cartography sample image.

An impression of the general relief is given by altitude tinting, with some peak heights marked and additional graphics distinguishing marshes and wet and dry pans. Bold colours indicate national parks and protected areas. Road classification shows freeways, main roads, secondary roads, 4WD trails and selected tracks. Toll routes are shown, also high passes and intermediate road distances on main routes. Main railways and international and provincial boundaries are marked and symbols denote a range of tourism features and landmarks eg. campsites, oases, border control points, airports, major ferries, viewpoints, waterfalls, battlefields, historical and heritage sites and other places of interest. Latitude and longitude values are stated for the map corners, the legend is in English only, a distance chart is included and the atlas is indexed.

The town and city centre street plans are not indexed, but are clearly drawn and indicate useful features eg. one-way streets, railways, post offices, hospitals, airports, tourist information offices and places of interest. Considering that there is a limited range of African city plans on the market, and that they are not always included in country maps, or may in some cases be a little out-of-date, this feature is particularly useful to, for example, frequent visitors to African cities. They are arranged not alphabetically but instead by country, progressing through the continent from north to south. The thematic overview maps in the introductory pages show the towns covered, also national parks, left-hand and right-hand drive countries, malarial risk areas, recommended sights and adventures and a basic political map of the continent.

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