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Ghana autótérkép és Accra várostérkép - Surf

Ghana autótérkép és Accra várostérkép - Surf

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7 660 Ft
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Rövid leírás a termékről
1 : 850 000 és 24 000

Szállítási határidő: 10 nap
A termék tulajdonságai
Indexed street plan of Accra, with a road map of Ghana on the reverse, plus a comprehensive, 120-page colour guide to both the city and the country. The street plan of Accra at 1:24,000 extends well beyond the city’s central area to include the international airport and University of Ghana, plus an inset for the Trasacco Valley area. Main arterial roads are highlighted, indicating where appropriate restricted access and exit. Colours indicate public and industrial zones, residential areas, zones liable to flooding, etc. A range of symbols depict various sites and services, e.g. public offices and ministries, major bank HQs, the tourist board office, emergency and medical services, bus stations, places of interest, etc. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 30” intervals.
On the reverse is a map of Ghana at 1:850,000, showing the country’s roads and railway lines and highlighting its national parks/protected areas and places of interest. Although somewhat basic in its presentation of the road network, the map nevertheless shows a large number of small villages often omitted on other maps. Latitude and longitude lines are at 30’ intervals.

A 120-page bilingual guide in English and French attached to the map cover is far more comprehensive in its coverage than what is usually found in booklets of this kind. In addition to containing indexes for both the street plan and the road map, the guide provides general information for tourist visiting Ghana, a section on the capital and its facilities and attractions, and a region by region guide to the country. Well presented, with numerous colour photos, the guide includes information for traveling across the country, contract details for regional tourist boards, descriptions of places of interest and local festivals, etc. The section on Accra includes recommendations of cafes, bars, jazz clubs, etc.

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