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Ausztrália autóatlasz (Road & 4WD Atlas) - Hema

Ausztrália autóatlasz (Road & 4WD Atlas) - Hema

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Spiral-bound version of Hema’s Australia Road Atlas, with additional GPS compatible Outback maps for 4WD drivers, showing extra tourist information. The road mapping is at various scales, and for each state capital there is also a city centre street map and a general map of the city and surrounding suburbs. A table lists the county's national parks and their respective visitor facilities eg camping, toilets, showers, caravan access. The road mapping is arranged by state, each covered at a variety of scales, ranging approximately between 1:270,000 and 1:3,500,000. All classes of road from freeways to minor roads and 4WD tracks are indicated, with intermediate driving distances shown on many routes, and symbols indicating outback fuel supplies and rest areas.

Other details include railways, airports, homesteads, rest areas, ranger stations, points of interest, picnic sites selected hiking trails and campgrounds. There is no graphic relief shown, but selected peaks and highland ranges are marked, and colours distinguish national parks, reserves, protected areas and aboriginal lands. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 30' to 2° intervals depending on the scale. Legend is in English, French, German, Italian and Dutch. The atlas is indexed for towns and also reserves, national parks etc, and several driving distance charts are included.

The 4WD section provides maps of seven regions: The Pilbarra,The Kimberley, The Top End, Central Australia, Cape York, Flinders Ranges and Fraser Island, at scales ranging from 1:2,000,000 to 1:130,000. Detail is enhanced to show rough tracks with greater clarity and to represent the relief with hill-shading or contours depending on the scale. Other details include railways, vermin-proof fences, towers, survey marks, waterholes, tanks and wells, and landscape variations. An expanded range of symbols shows tourist facilities such as visitor information centres, various fuel sources, mechanical repair facilities, stores, public telephones and emergency services. The maps are annotated with cautionary advice and useful telephone numbers. Latitude and longitude indicators are at 5’ intervals and GPS waypoint coordinates are stated for selected locations. In the separate index for this map section all locations are given geographical coordinates.

The city/suburb road maps show the main approach roads and through-routes, with many roads named, and the city centre street plans indicate one-way streets, notable buildings and locations, and are indexed for places of interest and hotels.

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