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USA, Canada, Mexico Road Atlas 2009 - Rand McNally

USA, Canada, Mexico Road Atlas 2009 - Rand McNally

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Rand McNally
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Rand McNally’s road atlas is America’s bestselling road atlas. A comprehensive motoring atlas of the United States at various scales and with tourist information. States are presented in alphabetical order, followed by Canadian territory on 10 pages, and a one-page general map of Mexico.

Road detail includes toll roads, secondary roads, selected unpaved roads, scenic routes, intermediate driving distances on main roads, rest and service areas on interstate highways.

Other details include National Parks, Forests and Recreation Areas, State Parks, county boundaries and names, campsites, various points of interest, golf courses, ski areas, mountain peak elevations, ports of entry, airports, ferries, information centres, time zone boundaries, latitude & longitude margin ticks.

Throughout the atlas are over 300 more detailed maps showing main routes in city centres and conurbations. There is a driving distance chart, and a mileage and driving times map of the whole USA. The place name index includes counties and is organised state-by-state.


- GPS and online travel companion for better on-the-go navigation.
- Fun getaway ideas on every map along with highlighted road trips clearly indicated with a red ribbon symbol on many maps.
- Individual road maps of every US state and Canadian province, an overview of Mexico, and detailed inset maps of more than 350 cities and 20 US National Parks.
- Road construction sites highlighted on the maps and the latest construction updates available at randmcnally.com.
- Road construction and road conditions hotlines and websites for every state and province.
- Rand McNally Best of the Road™ editorial feature, which identifies road trips with top stops along the way for dining, shopping, sightseeing and fun.
- A handy list of hotel chain toll-free phone numbers for easy access from the road or at home.
- Tourism websites and phone numbers for every US state and Canadian province on map pages.
- A mileage chart with more than 5,400 mileages and a mileage and driving times map.

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