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Cycle Touring in Switzerland - Cicerone Press

Cycle Touring in Switzerland - Cicerone Press

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Cover Paperback - Laminated
Edition First
Published 22 Apr 2008
Originally Published 22 Apr 2008
Dimensions 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm

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Switzerland is cycling paradise! Not only does it hold many of Europe’s highest mountains, glaciers and azure lakes where white steamships glide gracefully about like swans; little bright red trains; palm–fringed subtropical promenades in Ticino; Heidi and Grandfather; superb chocolate; good cheese; cowbells...

In addition, there is a wonderful 3300km national Swiss cycling network. Between 1998 and 2006 40 million CHF was invested in cycle routes, planning and signposting. The design philosophy is to guide cyclists onto quiet roads and cycleways (unpaved), and the signing means you don't have to spend the whole time looking at maps or a GPS!

This book was written for cyclists on road and touring bikes, and is aimed at:

* experienced cyclists who wish to go to Switzerland to test themselves and their bikes
* those new to the activity who would like to ride amid exhilarating scenery, but without much sweat and certainly no tears.

The nine national routes are described, followed by a series of tours radiating from Interlaken and finally in the Alpine Star, a trio of tours for the very fit. An attempt has been made to grade the routes. Each route is broken down into a series of stages, not days. The easy routes are normally flat or climb imperceptibly, and are suitable for families. The moderate routes have stages that are short and climb a maximum of 800m. The more challenging route stages: difficult or strenuous normally offer between 800 and 1500m climbing. The very demanding tours (Exceedingly Strenuous) described in the Alpine Star chapter are over 100km long and feature climbs of 3000m.

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