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Azerbajdzsán térkép - Roskartografija
Azerbajdzsán térkép - Roskartografija
4 060 Ft

Azerbajdzsán térkép - Roskartografija

1 : 750 000
76 x 56 cm

Szállítási határidő : 2 hét
4 060 Ft
Attractive map of the country, showing physical relief and communication information - roads, railways, canals. Intermediate driving didtsances on roads are marked. General relief is shown through hill shading and elevation tinting. Other detail: national parks, administrative boundaries, irrigation channels, oil wells, seasonal rivers, mountain peaks, bathymetric tinting, names of mountain ranges. Latitude and longitude lines are at 30' intervals.
Also included is a street plan of Baku and an index booklet for the country map, which also presents some background information.
All text is in cyrillic only.
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