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Brüsszel laminált térkép - Insight
Brüsszel laminált térkép - Insight
2 765 Ft

Brüsszel laminált térkép - Insight

laminált térkép
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Insight Maps
Szállítási határidő : 10 nap
2 765 Ft
Colourful street plan of the city centre and the adjoining districts, extending from the Midi/Zuid station to Atomium in the north of the city. Ten of the city's most interesting sights are highlighted. On the reverse, a very clear enlargement shows the central part of Brussels at a more detailed scale of 1:9,600.

The plan also includes a road map of the environs of Brussels and a diagram of the metro system, plus useful tips and practical information for visitors. The plan is indexed and laminated in strong plastic. Similar plan, at slightly more detailed scale, is published by Berdtson and Berndtson.
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