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Kárpátok autóatlasz - Kartografija
Kárpátok autóatlasz - Kartografija
5 440 Ft

Kárpátok autóatlasz - Kartografija

1: 250 000
16 x 23 cm

Szállítási határidő: 2 hét
5 440 Ft
Indexed road atlas of the Carpathian Mountains region of south-west Ukraine. All text on maps is in cyrillic script, but the legend includes and English translation.
Detail includes local roads and tracks, intermediate driving distances, railways, airports, checkpoints, filling stations, service stations, car parks, district boundaries, reserve boundaries. There are no contours, but spot heights are included and colours distinguish forests, vineyards & swamps. Ancient names of localities are marked and symbols depict features such as monuments, antiquities, wintersports areas, campsites and places of interest.
Street plans for 11 cities included.
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