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Bangkok térkép - Nancy Chandler
Bangkok térkép - Nancy Chandler
5 260 Ft

Bangkok térkép - Nancy Chandler


Nancy Chandler
szállítási határidő: 2 hét
5 260 Ft
Nancy Chandler's colourful, hand-drawn map with a 72 page booklet has been described by top guidebooks and travel writers as "the best tourist map of Bangkok", "an indispensable guide" and "the very best resource".

Double-sided, it includes detailed area maps of:

- Weekend Market Area
- Central Shopping Area
- Khao San / Phra Athit
- Sukhumvit Road
- Chinatown
- Central Bangkok
- Greater Bangkok
- River Taxi Stops
- Skytrain / Subway Routes

The map is accompanied by a 72 page pocket book index including secrets rarely shared with visitors (for example, shops and sales supporting good causes, and dining tips "For the Sweet Tooth"). Bars are categorized by their crowds for those who want to befriend fun Thais, hang out with other travellers, meet ex-pats, listen to live music, test the local brews, support their rugby team at a sports bar, go pub crawling, or just enjoy a sunset drink atop a quiet riverside guesthouse. Restaurant listings include Nancy's favourites and contact details; other listings include cooking classes, cinemas, hobbies, spas, sports, supermarkets, etc.
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