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Kijev térkép - Kartografija
Kijev térkép - Kartografija
3 480 Ft

Kijev térkép - Kartografija

1: 27 000
94 x 80 cm

Szállítási határidő: 2 hét
3 480 Ft
Clear map of the city and most of the suburbs at 1:27,000 with an enlargement of the centre at 1:10,000. Detail includesdistrict boundaries, railways, metro stations, embassies, administrative offices hotels, restaurants, museums, orchards, parks, industrial areas, selected building numbers. All text on the map is in Roman script, not cyrillic.

Also includes a small road map of the city and its environs at 1:250,000, plans of some of the main museums and a map of the subway system. The legend is in English, Ukrainian, French and German.
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