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The Robert Louis Stevenson Trail - A Walker's guide - Cicerone Press
The Robert Louis Stevenson Trail - A Walker´s guide - Cicerone Press
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The Robert Louis Stevenson Trail - A Walker´s guide - Cicerone Press

Cover Paperback - Laminated
Edition Second
Published 8 Oct 2007
Originally Published 8 Oct 2007

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5 490 Ft 
4 118 Ft
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Early one morning in the autumn of 1878 RLS set out from the sleepy village of Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille with his donkey, Modestine, to traverse the Velay and Cévennes to the small town of Saint-Jean-du-Gard in the south. Robert Louis Stevenson’s account of his 140-mile trek through southern France has long captured the imagination of walkers and lovers of literature alike. Today, the RLS Trail has become a classic route across the hills and along the valleys of this delightful region of rural France.

The route, which is well served by accommodation of all types, is divided into twelve day-stages in the guide, so that the Trail easily fits into a fortnight’s holiday. The book includes details of the facilities for the traveller and places of interest en route, together with a detailed route description and an account of Stevenson’s adventures with Modestine. For those with more time available, trails that link the beginning and end of the route are also described, making it is possible to walk all the way from the historic town of Le Puy to Alés.

Packed with snippets of fascinating information about this historic region, the guide is also of use to cyclists and motorists keen to trace a parallel road route, following in the footsteps of Stevenson and Modestine.

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