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Irán domborzati térkép - Gita Shenassi
Irán domborzati térkép - Gita Shenassi
14 460 Ft

Irán domborzati térkép - Gita Shenassi

1 : 1 600 000

Gita Shenassi
Szállítási határidő : 10 nap
14 460 Ft
A good map of the country highlighting the physical features of the land. Six different types of roads are marked, showing distances between major centres and junctions in kilometres. Petrol stations, hotels and inns, monuments and major attractions are all shown on the map. Elevation is rendered through colour shading. Additional information includes inset enlargements of the region around Rasht on the Caspian Sea, the Teheran region, the Sari region, the Tabriz region, the Mashhad region, the Esfahan region and a list of administrative divisions.
This maps is identical in size and layout to the map shown below, only it highlights physical feautes of the country rather than the administrative organisation.
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