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The Grand Canyon - Guidebook to Walking in America's Southwest - Cicerone Press
The Grand Canyon - Guidebook to Walking in America´s Southwest - Cicerone Press
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The Grand Canyon - Guidebook to Walking in America´s Southwest - Cicerone Press

Cover Paperback - Laminated
Edition Second
Published 17 Jan 2008
Originally Published 17 Jan 2008
Dimensions 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm

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6 990 Ft 
5 243 Ft
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The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world. Its 277-mile length is protected by 1.2 million acres of national park. The fabulous views of nature's sculpture are known world-wide - indeed are even better than our wildest imaginings. The walking trails are equally awesome. Many are serious endeavours only for the most experienced trekkers.

The American South-West hosts a profusion of national and state parks and wildernesses. It boasts a seemingly endless variety of deep canyons, deserts high and low, snow-capped mountains and raging rivers. The Grand Canyon is only the largest of these canyons; the smaller Zion and Bryce National Parks are less famous, but lose nothing in comparison.

Come and view this magnificent corner of the United States. Join in touring these parks on foot. Walk the high country of Zion and veer down into the valley from atop its towering red walls. Weave amidst the hoodoos of Bryce and descend into the hidden depths of the Grand Canyon. Walkers can easily steer clear of crowds and enjoy the backcountry in relative isolation.
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