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Észak-kaliforniai-borvidék - Moon
Észak-kaliforniai-borvidék - Moon
5 985 Ft 
5 388 Ft

Észak-kaliforniai-borvidék - Moon

2nd Edition
Philip Goldsmith

szállítási határidő: 3 hét
5 985 Ft 
5 388 Ft
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Moon Handbooks give you the tools to make your own choices, with

• Can’t-miss sights, activities, restaurants, and accommodations, marked with
• Suggestions on how to plan a trip that’s perfect for you, including:
One Week in Wine Country
A Romantic Weekend
Redwoods and Rivers
Varietal Tours
More Than Just Wine

• 31 detailed and easy-to-use maps
• The firsthand experience and unique perspectives of author Philip Goldsmith
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