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200 Kilometres Around Brisbane térkép - Gregory's
200 Kilometres Around Brisbane térkép - Gregory´s
3 260 Ft

200 Kilometres Around Brisbane térkép - Gregory´s


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3 260 Ft
One of the titles in a series of road map presenting Australia’s popular regions with street plans of main towns, description of places of interest and lists local events, tourist facilities in national parks, contact details of information centres, etc. In each title the main road map is relatively small, often covering less than half of one side of the sheet. The map is indexed and highlights main places of interest and areas shown on the reverse as enlargements or street plans. City to city maps have route diagrams of main highways indicating tourist facilities.

In this title: the main map shows the area around Brisbane, coloured to correspond to the descriptions of recommended tours provided in this title - see cartography sample. The rest of the map is divided into 12 panels, each with a small road map highlighting the tour described in the panel.
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