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Izrael (60 for Israel Anniversary) autótérkép - Mapa Publishers
Izrael (60 for Israel Anniversary) autótérkép - Mapa Publishers
6 280 Ft

Izrael (60 for Israel Anniversary) autótérkép - Mapa Publishers


Mapa Publishers
szállítási idő: 2 hét
6 280 Ft
Produced to mark Israel’s 60th anniversary, a road map highlighting the country’s 60 best sites, from landscape and desert features to archaeology and modern history. All the selected sites have descriptions, longer than usually found in maps, on the reverse side.

The bulk of the country, to just beyond Be’er Sheva, is shown at 1:250,000, with the Negev Desert at 1:400,000. Colouring identifies areas of full Palestinian control as well as those with joint Israeli-Palestinian authority and the map indicates both access roads to Jewish settlements and roads forbidden to Israelis by order of the IDF. The course of the separation wall is marked and pre-1967 boundary is shown in the West Bank (not in the Golan Heights).

Road network includes passable dirt roads and seasonal 4WD tracks. Names of road junctions are shown as well as locations of military road blocks. A range of symbols mark various places of interest, including archaeological and historical sites, areas maintained by Israel Nature and Parks authority, etc. The map has a 10km Israeli grid lines. Map legend and all the text are in English. All place names are shown in Roman alphabet only. The map has no index.
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