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Oroszország autóatlasz - AGT Geocenter
Oroszország autóatlasz - AGT Geocenter
12 240 Ft

Oroszország autóatlasz - AGT Geocenter

atlasz (fűzött)

1 : 800 000 - 1 : 3 000 000
22 x 30 cm
336 oldal

szállítási határidő: 2 hét
12 240 Ft
A4-size, paperback atlas covering at various scales the whole of Russia, except for the northern part of Siberia, plus all the ex-Soviet Union countries in Europe. Most of the European part of Russia, plus the Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are covered at 1:800,000. The northern part of western Russia (roughly north of St. Petersburg except for Karelia and the area between the lakes Ladoga and Onezhkoye) is at 1:1,500,000. East of the Urals, the southern part of the country along the main centres of population is also presented at 1:1,500,000, with the areas north of it at 1:3,000,000 (coverage does not extend as far north as in the atlases published by Trivium).

The road network is well presented, with road numbers clearly marked, many intermediate driving distances shown (on main trunk roads in steps of 10kms in both directions), symbols indicating petrol stations, service areas, etc. The atlas shows a very large number of place names, with names of villages printed in small letters, but a special magnifying glass is provided with each copy.

The atlas also includes several very useful features: each set of two pages has small maps placed at the bottom giving the names of main towns in Roman alphabet and providing an overview of adjoining area, making it easier to locate these pages within the overall coverage provided by the atlas. Enlargements at scales of 1:100,000 or more detailed show the road networks around and across main cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan’, Perm’, Ufa, Samara, Volgograd, Rostov-na-Donu, plus Riga, Vilnius, Minsk and Kiev).

All the place names are in Cyrillic alphabet only, and all additional information in Russian. However, this edition of the atlas comes with a full English language legend and a transliteration key, conveniently placed on a flap of the front cover. The index of place names also lists main towns within Russia in Roman alphabet.
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