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Vanuatu térkép - Hema
Vanuatu térkép - Hema
4 060 Ft

Vanuatu térkép - Hema


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4 060 Ft
General map of the Vanuatu group at 1:1,000,000 with larger scale inset maps of the islands of Espiritu Santo, Pentecost, Tanna and Éfaté. Major roads and selected minor routes/tracks are marked and relief is shown by elevation colouring, with altitudes for selected peaks marked. Airports and provincial boundaries are also indicated. Latitude and longitude lines are included at varying intervals depending on the map scale.The maps are indexed.

The inset map scales are as follows: Espiritu Santo (1:500,000), Pentecost, (1:500,000), Tanna (1:350,000)and Éfaté (1:165,000). A clear street plan of Port-Vila is also provided, on which various useful and notable sites are highlighted, eg. information centre, hotels, shops, services.

On the reverse are notes concerning general practicalities for visitors, tour agencies, dive operators, cruise charters and accommodation listings.
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