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Pacific Northwest Camping - Moon
Pacific Northwest Camping - Moon
6 885 Ft 
6 198 Ft

Pacific Northwest Camping - Moon

Ninth Edition
By: Tom Stienstra

Pages: 896
Published: May 2006

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6 885 Ft 
6 198 Ft
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If you are looking for the perfect place to camp in the Pacific Northwest, your trip starts with Moon Pacific Northwest. It's the ideal resource for finding campsites—from secluded alpine hike-in spots to convenient roadside stopovers—throughout the entire state. Join two-time National Outdoor Writer of the Year Tom Stienstra as he brings you:

• Descriptions of camping options, ranging from state park campgrounds to RV parks
• Complete contact information and summaries of each campground's scenic features, facilities, and nearby recreation opportunities
• Expert tips on gear, safety, and first aid, weather, low-impact camping, and camping with kids
• Easy-to-use regional maps, driving directions to each campground, and details on fees, reservation services, and helpful websites

Tom Stienstra's knowledge and love for the subject clearly show in his readable, folksy writing, full of good bottom-line stuff. —Sierra Club

A smart new look provides just one more reason to travel with Moon Outdoors. Well written, thoroughly researched, and packed full of useful information and advice, these guides really do get you into the outdoors. —Gorp.com
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