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Aconcagua: Highest Trek in the World - A Trekker's Guidebook - Cicerone Press
Aconcagua: Highest Trek in the World - A Trekker´s Guidebook - Cicerone Press
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Aconcagua: Highest Trek in the World - A Trekker´s Guidebook - Cicerone Press

Author Jim Ryan
Cover Paperback - PVCEdition
FirstPublished 15 Jul 2008
Originally Published 1 Nov 2004
Pages 176No. Maps11No. Photos99
Dimensions 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5cm
Weight 250g

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6 990 Ft 
5 243 Ft
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Complete guide to climbing Aconcagua, highest peak in South America at 6962m, the highest peak outside the Himalayas and one of the highest peaks accessible for ordinary mortals. Route descriptions up the Normal and Polish Glacier routes, plus trekking routes in the Argentinian and Chilean southern Andes. Outstanding maps and photographs.

The guide provides all the practical information on getting to South America, using time in Santiago and Mendoza (en route to the mountains) to prepare, and travel into the mountains. It also covers preparation for high altitude mountaineering - equipment, altitude and acclimatisation. In addition it provides strategies for the ascent, including preparations, food and water, whether to have a guide or not, mules and muleteers, and staying healthy.

Finally, the author provides background information to help you gain the most from your experience - on the exploration and discovery of the mountain and the surrounding region, its geology, wildlife and flora, the people and local culture.
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