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Kelet-Afrika állatvilága - Bradt
Kelet-Afrika állatvilága - Bradt
8 450 Ft

Kelet-Afrika állatvilága - Bradt

Angol nyelvű kalauz Kelet-Afrika állatvilágához
1. kiadás (2008 január)
Írta: Philip Briggs
288 oldalon, 240 színes képpel, 5 térképpel
Szokásos szállítási idő: 2 hét
8 450 Ft
The wildlife of east Africa is the major visitor attraction of this region, thanks to the legendary game reserves of Serengeti and the Maasai Mara. This new guide provides a colourful overview of the region´s variety of large animals together with information on their habits and habitats. The book also provides an excellent introduction to the region´s less heralded variety of smaller creatures including 1,500 bird species and butterflies.

Accessible and beautifully illustrated, the guide will appeal both to the first-time visitor and to the serious naturalist seeking a compact volume to carry around. It also makes a great souvenir.

• Over 240 photographs illustrating all major animal groups.
• Country-by-country summary of key wildlife sites.
• The ideal complement to Bradt´s acclaimed travel guides to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda
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