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St. Vincent & the Grenadines térkép - OSI
St. Vincent & the Grenadines térkép - OSI
8 860 Ft

St. Vincent & the Grenadines térkép - OSI


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8 860 Ft
Double-sided topographic survey map f St. Vincent and the Grenadines with tourist information, a plan of Kingstown and notes on the islands history, scenic routes, hiking, etc. Contours at 100 feet intervals with bold relief shading very effectively present St Vincent’s topography and the crater of La Soufrière. Forested areas are indicated.

A wide range of symbols highlight various places of interest including beaches, snorkelling and surfing sites, viewpoints, nature reserves and gardens, etc. A street plan of Kingstown at 1:10,000 indicates locations of main public buildings and facilities in the town. Also included is a small map showing the island’s parish boundaries.

On the reverse are the Grenadines, presented in two separate panels and also annotated with symbols indicating places of interest and recreational sites. Both sides of the map have a UTM grid, plus 5’ margin ticks for latitude and longitude.

Please note:
This map was last revised in 1991 and reprinted in 1998 by the now defunct Ordnance Survey International.
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