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Oroszország nyugati része autóatlasz (kötött) - Trivium
Oroszország nyugati része autóatlasz (kötött) - Trivium
9 840 Ft

Oroszország nyugati része autóatlasz (kötött) - Trivium

atlasz (kötött)

1 : 750 000 - 1 : 1 500 000
21x30 cm

szállítási határidő: 2 hét
9 840 Ft
A4-size, hardback atlas covering the western part of Russia, plus the Baltic Republics, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The areas west of the Volga are covered at 1:750,000, with north and east of the river at 1:1,500,000, as shown on the area scan. Road detail distinguishes surfaced, unsurfaced and seasonal roads, and includes European and national road numbers. Many intermediate driving distances are marked and symbols indicate petrol stations, maintenance centres, and border checkpoints. High passes with seasonal access are indicated. Main railways, sea and river ferries, and canals are included.

Although there is no relief shading, there are some spot heights in higher regions and colours are used to distinguish land features such as swamps, forests, salt flats, seasonal lakes etc. Regional boundaries are indicated and varying text size is used to categorize towns and settlements according to population size. Additional thematic maps show time zones and administrative regions of Russia and neighbouring states. There is a distance table at the back of the atlas, and just for fun on those long journeys, a perpetual calendar.

All the place names are in Cyrillic alphabet only, and all additional information in Russian, but the map legend has English translation. Stanfords can provide free of charge a transliteration table of Cyrillic letters into Roman alphabet.

The same atlas is also available in a paperback edition, but with a substantially reduced number of place names listed in its index.
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