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Kaunas térkép - Jana Seta
Kaunas térkép - Jana Seta
1 800 Ft

Kaunas térkép - Jana Seta


Edition of year 2008/2009.
Scale 1:25 000 / city centre in scale 1:15 000.
Size 88x69 cm / 11x23 cm folded.
Street index.

Jana Seta
1 800 Ft
In this edition city plan of Kauņa has experienced vital changes. Most important - territory pictured in the map has expanded remarkably including several Kaunas suburbs .
There are updates of addresses, auto road systems, built-up areas, location of public transportation, public buildings and information centres.
Unlike previous editions this plan of Kauņa district does not have much of reference information.
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