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Krim-félsziget turista atlasz - Kartografija
Krim-félsziget turista atlasz - Kartografija
7 440 Ft

Krim-félsziget turista atlasz - Kartografija

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7 440 Ft
Paperback atlas of Crimea with contoured mapping, tourist information, street plans of main cities and resorts, overview thematic maps, and an index. The main section has topographic mapping with contours and spot heights, with colours and symbols indicating various types of terrain and vegetation. Road network includes unsurfaced roads and local tracks and shows locations of petrol stations, car service centres, and traffic patrol service points. Railways indicate stations and include narrow gauge lines. The maps show local administrative boundaries, as well as national parks, game reserves, landscape parks, and seaside aquatic centres. A wide range of symbols highlight places of interest, sport and recreational facilities, campsites and caravan sites, etc. The maps show no geographical coordinates.

The atlas has street plans of nine main towns (Alushta, Bakhchysaray, Feodosiya, Kerch, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Sudak, Yalta, and Yevpatoriya), highlighting places of interest, supplemented by detailed drawings/plans of main parks, monuments, archaeological sites, etc. Also included are general thematic maps of the whole of Crimea, a distance table, and an index of localities.

Map legends, both for the main section and for the street plans, include English. All the place names are shown in Cyrillic alphabet and all the additional text is in Ukrainian only.
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