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Cape York térkép - Hema
Cape York térkép - Hema
4 060 Ft

Cape York térkép - Hema

1:1,000,000 - 1:250,000

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4 060 Ft
Road map of the northernmost part of Queensland between Cairns and Cape York at 1:1,000,000, with an enlargement of "The Tip" at 1:250,000. On the main map relief shading and spot heights show the area’s topography, with aboriginal lands, national parks, and other protected areas highlighted by colours. Road information is divided into two groups: roads and tracks which were plotted with a GPS and computer during the fieldwork carried out by Hema, plus other tracks shown on the country’s 1:250,000 topographic survey maps and on other sources, but not specifically verified by the publishers. An extensive range of symbols highlights numerous facilities, including availability of various types of fuel, accommodation and meals, police stations and medical facilities, etc. Many places of interest are annotated with brief descriptions. The map has a grid showing latitude and longitude at 30’ intervals, plus and index of localities with full geographical coordinates.

On the reverse, the tip of the peninsula is shown at 1:250,000, with GPS waypoints for road junctions, notes on possible hazards, information on access to beaches, etc. The map has both a UTM grid and latitude/longitude at 15’. Extensive notes include descriptions of places of interest, contact details, a list of events, etc.

This title is part of Hema’s series of regional touring maps, providing more detailed or more convenient coverage of various regions of Australia than found on road maps of individual states or in the publisher's "City to City" series.
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